Heco loudspeaker plug

Original Neufeldt & Kuhnke accessories


for HECO speakers


Based on our LSDN-1 plugs, this plug was specially made for Heco loudspeakers.

This is plugged into the speaker and covers the variant with a 15 mm hole and 30 mm depth.

The copper tongues were manufactured on our new CNC system. Up until now, you could only use very thin cables for the loudspeakers of this type of HECO loudspeaker with dash-dot connection. We have already solved this problem with the LSDN-2!

Special feature

The new Neufeldt & Kuhnke HECO loudspeaker plug can be used with 4 qmm² cables.

• Made in Germany, each part individually tested •

The positive pole is implemented with a 1.5 mm thick copper bar, the negative pole is provided with a 4.5 x 1.5 mm thick copper bar. Enough material to supply even thick cables sufficiently. We have designed the plugs so that up to 4 mm² cable can be used.

In addition, the copper pins can be moved in length. The copper connections are then fixed again with the front screws. So you can adjust the length of the connectors.

Product features

• Separate colors (red for right speakers, anthracite for left)
• Plugs made from eco-friendly PLA
• Steel and brass screws
• Length of copper pin adjustable
• Thick copper rails for good sound and low resistance
• Manufactured in Kiel, Germany
• Each individual connector is checked for fit.


The housing of the LSDN-2 is made here in Kiel on a Craftbot Flow IDEX 3D printer.

The copper rails are CNC cut here on site, then deburred, ground and inserted.

Due to the way it is manufactured, the connector has a rough surface that is typical for 3D printing. This cannot be changed initially for production reasons.

Nevertheless, we are absolutely thrilled with our third plug and are already looking forward to the lively interest!

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