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Our headphonesSustainable and special

We may even have the most sustainable headphones in the world here!


Vintage modelswith specials

The current headphone series is labelled 1900 - 1935. This only applies to the Neufeldt & Kuhnke Original Version (VR).

Our headphone series include the following years of origin:

  • Neufeldt & Kuhnke (VR) 1900 to 1935 (after which Hagenuk took over).
  • The UR and SEY series cover the years of manufacture, 1900 to around 1950. A few such headphones were still made after 1950, for example in England.

In future, we will rebuild Bakelite headphones. These were built in Europe and the USA until around 1960, in the Soviet Union and East Germany even into the 80s.

Our designationswhich indicate the origin

Small Neufeldt & Kuhnke headphones

Large Neufeldt & Kuhnke headphones

Small NoName headphones (no manufacturer recognizable)

Large NoName headphones (no manufacturer recognizable)

Small headphones from another brand

Large headphones from a different brand

Fine detailsexplained in detail

  • Our connection cables are stage cables from Sommercable, "Made in Germany", which are custom-made for us.
  • The plug is from HICON and also "Made in Germany", and it can be screwed on. This is a top quality product!
  • An extension cable can be connected to the connector, with a 6.3 mm thick connector that can also be unscrewed.
  • The extension cable is available in 2 lengths, as already described: Sommercable plus HICON plug (all HICON plugs are gold-plated and can be unscrewed).
  • The normal cable is 1.20 m long.

Other special features:

The built-in speakers are very good quality and branded goods from Monacor. These are often used as spare parts.

For the soundproofing, we only use real sheep's wool, which comes from Schleswig-Holstein, mostly from the Arche Wader animal park.

The cushions of the earmuffs are made of vegan synthetic leather from YAXI in Japan. Again, this is top quality that is appreciated by DJs around the world.

We also thought about the packaging of the headphones: the side parts of the box are made of wood from disposable pallets, the lid and the bottom are made of poplar.

The lid and base are uniquely laser engraved here on site in Kiel (Mr. Beam).

The box is lined with real wool felt made from 100% sustainable wool.

Current model overview

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