About us

Our beginning and further plans

Repair EconomyThe subject of the future

What sets us apart

Our approach avoids wasteand unnecessary release of CO2

We deal with the topic of the upcoming repair society or “repair economy”. In our opinion, repair economy represents the future of economic activity. Thus, we manufacture our devices in such a way that they have a modular structure. As a result, we also make sure that they are repair-friendly.

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About usThe start of an exciting journey

My name is Jörg Baltschun. I am the CEO of Neufeldt & Kuhnke GmbH & Co. KG. My team and I are very pleased that you are interested in our site! At first, I concentrated on the areas of automation, IT consulting and IT service with MoRobo. I have already successfully established myself in them in the past. Our company has been based in Essen since 2012. At the end of 2018, I finished my work in the retail sector, and then I started new in Kiel. I began with brand-new projects! I did my hobby and my passion for upcycling parallel to my job. This is how the Neufeldt & Kuhnke brand was born, at first!

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Why this brand?The beginning

We have been thinking about a brand since 2019. It should make the ambitions in the areas of vintage housing and sustainable production tangible. We quickly understood that only an old and well-known brand with a good history can really do this. A long search through all possible brand directories began.

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A brand needs productsFirst work

First, we converted a Telefunken music cabinet into a house bar. That worked very well. However, HiFi devices are often built into these cabinets. We test these components so that collectors can enjoy them again. We try to achieve a zero waste balance. For us, this means: everything should, if possible, be re-used.

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