Our goals

The beginning of Neufeldt & Kuhnke

In 1899 Hans Neufeldt and Karl Kuhnke founded the Kiel company Neufeldt & Kuhnke. Until 1936 the company stood for excellent and very durable technical products. Then owner changed the name in the same year. Unfortunately, as a result, all forgot this previous brand. However, it started again in 2020 with the same focus! Committed to the spirit of Neufeldt & Kuhnke, we therefore continue to pay attention to sustainability in production and material selection.


Many yearscontinuous development

and laborious work has made us what we are today.

Upcycling and circular economyThe environment is important to us

Our philosophy

Neufeldt und KuhnkeState-of-the-art technology combined with vintage

Our motto upcycling is reflected in our products. As a result, we act true to the motto "Make new out of old"! Thus, we bring beautiful ancient treasures to new life! Throwing away is not an alternative for us! That is why we make every product unique. By installing modern technology, such as:

• Touchscreen
• Minicomputer
• Radio clockwork
• Installation of branded amplifiers
• Max2Play multiroom audio software



Neufeldt & KuhnkeInnovation 1899

Neufeldt & Kuhnke was founded in 1899. Later the owner of the company renamed it, but the mark is still very popular with collectors and connoisseurs.

A legend is born again because we were granted the trademark rights on June 30th, 2020.

The restartin 2020

We were looking for a brand that clearly reflects what has been created here in Kiel since the end of 2018. This brand should also fit into the time of the material that is used here. In short: we searched for a brand that was active from the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century. So we researched what the current trademark rights are like. After we found out that no one is claiming this mark, we carried out the registration for the appropriate Nice classes. Therefore, the Neufeldt & Kuhnke brand as a word mark has officially belonged to us since September 2020.

It is time 

TO PROTECTOur environment

Take part!

HiFi products

Clock types

Lamp variants


We look forward to you!

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