VEB Stern

Restored and refurbished


VEB Stern radiofrom Berlin

VEB manufactured this Stern radio shortly after World War II in the first years of the GDR and is therefore an early piece of history. The radio is therefore an absolute must-have for fans of extraordinary optics! However, we received it in very poor condition.


The building fabricconsists mainly of construction site timber

You can see that well on this picture from behind. So the idea was obvious to give the vintage radio a classy look. We also wanted to make it particularly innovative and future-oriented. Thus, via USB, the entire device gets its power.

Work steps

The radio was restored and refurbished by us using purely natural materials.
The following means were used:
• Bamboo wood
• Linseed oil varnish
• Balsamic turpentine oil
• Nut oil
• Auro natural paint
• PLA for the display holder (Polylactid is plastic made from lactic acid and thus completely biodegradable).

• Veneer oiled and polished several times
• Lid made of choco wood (boiled and compressed bamboo)
• New speaker cover (which we still had in stock)
• PLA display holder printed, ground and polished
• Brass screws for fixing the holder

Technical detailsof VEB Stern radio

• 3.5 inch (approx. 9 cm) touch display
• USB connection
• Max2Play Multiroom system via WLAN
• Apple AirPlay
• Squeezebox: server and player
  (additional players connectable via WLAN)
• Volume control
• Administration of the system via browser
  (easy to handle and full of features)
• Approx. 2 meter long supply cable in retro look
• Practical USB connection 

You can also freely define the function, whether for your own music or even for charging your mobile phone. In terms of volume, it is also worth mentioning that the radio gets its power via USB. It is therefore NOT possible to turn the radio louder than room volume.

The multi-room systemalso comes from East Germany

In our opinion, it is the best that is currently available on the market. The system installed here based on the Raspberry Pi with Max2Play from network advisor UG is completely updatable and can be expanded at any time. For the full range of functions, you need a Max2Play license!

– 35 cm high
– 30 cm wide
– 20 cm deep

You can clearly see the before and after comparison in the pictures.

And our project VEB Stern radio is ready!

We hope it inspires you as much as it does us!

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