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Repair Economythe new trend is taking hold

About us

This applies to all of our products and services

We are specifically committed to this through our own actions, lectures and guest comments. In these days, you are not able to buy all spare parts, which you need. So we manufacture them ourselves. Neufeldt & Kuhnke relies on the “repair economy”!

In this context, we started to repair defective devices back in 2014. It all started (back then with our company MoRobo) with a fully automatic coffee machine for our own use. We will add household robots, educational toys or educational robots and related devices later.

Through a contribution in the TV channel WDR, we were able to learn that there is finally a name for this type of business: “Repair economy”. The Fraunhofer Institute explained how you can produce repair-friendly and upgradeable again.

Repair Economy products

We built our products custom-made. Starting from devices, machines to old furniture. This includes all Neufeldt & Kuhnke upcycling products. With this brand, we want to show that sustainability is not only environmentally conscious. But you can also produce wonderful new things. We built all products from Neufeldt & Kuhnke to be easy to repair in the modular sense of the “repair economy”. In addition, you can upgrade each of our device easily.

To start with, you can see an example of innovative products from bulky waste here. The VEB Stern radio was defective and dirty. Now the radio is a technical highlight. We installed a multiroom audio system from the Leipzig company Max2Play. In addition, our power supply supplied the entire system via USB. It's sufficient to enable a comfortable volume, i.e., via a power bank.